INVEREX VM II hybrid solar inverter good / bad?

Assalam o alaikum Wa Rehmat ULLAH ,

I am planning to install one Solar hybrid Solar inverter , I am already using MVS 5KVa but i need installing one more at other place , This time a new inverter from voltronic power is in the market (just launched) by inverex under model name inverex VM 2 , That is really good (in doscuments) i want to know any one have any info about this specific model ?
Should i buy or not ? it costs less than 70 K and functions are great (near to infini)

planning to install 5 Kva (and its power factor is also a whole ONE) so 5KVa is 5KW !! thats amazing !

But still i want to know IF any one could give any suggestion on the basis of Experience.

jazak ALLAH

Nadeem Ahmed

Dear Rehmat Ullah.

Its very nice product, please follow the operational manual word by words…3KV is only 44K and 5 KV 68K. Ex Work Karachi price. need anyhelp contact me at 0305-6380023

Thanks for giving some positive courage :slight_smile:
may i know are you a seller / distributor ?

You bough this one? I was eying the 3kva . in pindi college road it’s for 43k

Yes i am also using this one in 5KVA , VMII
bought alhamdoLILLAH in 68K from karachi

What about this one? There is also 2kva/2kw unity power factor model that is 24 volts

I am looking for a similar kind of setup for my home. @nadeem5476 can you please add me on facebook at or give me your account so that we can connect and discuss with each other?

This is having a PWM charger - and you need to use 12 volts to 21 volts panel in it .

Forum is a rightest place to discuss bro so others can get some benefit too . you may ask anything here .

Thank you @nadeem5476 for your reply. I am currently using a desi UPS and now looking forward to replace it with 5KVA Solar system in order to run 4 fans, 5 LED lights & one 1.5 ton DC Invertor AC. Can you please suggest what would be the cost? I am from Karachi.

The pic I have shared is of 1kw model. I there is two kw model with 24v pwm setup. I couldn’t get pictures of 2kw.
Any idea if this is good ups?

cant say anything without checking its sticker . / data

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How many solar panels of 260Watts to add for Inverex VMII 3KW Inverter

it supports 4000 watts of solar power and the maximum DC volt should not exceed 500 volts DC (for the safe side one should consider it 450 volts DC) .
keeping the above scenario in your mind you can make array(s) as per your panels .As i m not aware of your panel’s specs that what are the open circuit volts of your panels ? etc
Kindly be noted that it wont work at “optimum performance” until you have minimum 250 volts DC from the panels to feed into the inverter.

Hope the above data will help you .

Good Luck .


Dear @nadeem5476 , as you are already using VM II version of inverex. I wana know about the PV panel arrangement for this… As i have 3Kva VM II and i have PV panel connected in parallel, should i make them in series in order meet working requirement of VM II?? Because, i have connected the VM II version with my previous PV Panel arrangement (Parallel), it wont give me any PV input…

Wana learn from your experience…

Thanks in advance.

Wa alaikum salam wa rehmat ULLAH ,

Dear Akhter , VM II requires minimum 120 volts from solar panels to start working (charging the battery) i dont know how many panels you have , but make sure their WORKING VOLTAGE (VMP or VMPP) is atleast 120 volts DC , u can get that much high DC voltage by connecting your all panels in SERIES (not in parallel) you will get very less AMPS but higher voltage . and thats the requirement of VM 2 .

connecting in series Means , plus of one panel will go into the MINUS of other panel and this chain continues .

u can ask anything about this , would like to help you in this matter .

Nadeem Ahmed

how can i use VM2 without K-electric ?

Can any one tell me, how can i use without K-electric or how can i safe my electricity consumption

if u dont want k-electric then u must have some other source to charge your batteries (for night time) and u must use solar panels for that purpose , u should calculate the total load for your house and then install a proper sized battery bank keeping in consideration the depth of Discharge and after installing the battery bank u can use that battery bank for your home need - u must have enough sola rpanels to charge as well as to supply the power to your house in day time . providing the k-electric is not necessary to VM2 , its upto you, provide or not

Assalam o alikum
Dear nadeem.
I have use 5kw vmII With 15 Solar Panels 260w and 4
200amh batteries. My total load is 2000 watts at peak .
I am set inverter solar only mode.but inverter continues use electricity day time. And main input voltage same output ’ eg:198 200 . But my solar is wafer watts