Internet working only on Bridge Mode...Help needed

For the past 5 months I was facing serious slow download speeds from 4 PM to 1 AM using linkdot net 2MB connection. Called many times nothing happened, reps told me the same crap they always tell when they don't want to do anything, since its a bandwidth related issue and ldn does not want to spend extra bucks here in gujranwala cantt.

So out of curiosity I went to router settings and change the connection type from PPPoE to bridge mode, when I felt that it didn't helped much I reverted back to PPPoE but I am facing strange problem now, on bridge mode everything works fine, but on PPPoE although torrents work but I cannot open anything except google, gmail and some google related pages on these sites, I cannot open any other site as my browser keeps trying to connect but fails.

I have already reset my router and made new connection,also restored my pc to an earlier time but nothing is working, I cannot browse on pppoe mode except the pages I have mentioned above..

Can anyone help me?