Internet Speed Slowed Down

I have been using WorldCall 256kpbs wireless package for a month now. There were no problems at all, but for the last one day or so the downloading speed never goes above 15 KB/s. I live in Wapda Town, Lahore. Has anyone ever faced a problem like that?

I'm also on the Rs.700 package - workin ok here but with lot of modem/signal problems and also during loadshedding their service often goes down.


Hey,just follow some tips to make your speed up

-->Configure your browser so it won't display graphics, animations, sound, video or other multimedia content (see "How to Turn Off Sounds, Pictures or Video on Web Pages").

-->Surf when Internet traffic is low. Heaviest traffic is usually on weekends and evenings.

-->Use your cache effectively. "Cache" refers to storage space where your recently visited Web sites are saved. You may need to resize your cache allotment, or you may need to purge your cache periodically. Look through your browser's menus for items named Cache, Temporary Internet files and so on.

-->Upgrade your modem.

-->Consult with your Internet service provider to ensure that your modem is configured correctly.

-->Replace your telephone modem with a fast-access connection such as wave, ISDN, DSL, satellite, a cable modem.

and now check your connection speed here

even then your connection speed didnt get speed up then you better contact your service provider.