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PTCL or Linkdotnet?

What should I go for? I've been through all the relating threads and they are more or less equal, but I would still like a poll. What should I subscribe to and why?

P.S. I wasn't sure whether I should begin this in the PTCL thread or the Linkdotnet thread so I posted here.

First let us know what’s your need(s)? I means why you want to have internet connection and secondly in which city do live? and thirdly is you only to use internet or multiple PCs are to be connected?

I have three experiences about to share with you. 1)MAXCOM. 2)PTCL 3)Cable *4)LDN to be but haven't till now.

Let me to tell wisely.


QoS: 5stars.

Speed: 4.5 stars.

FTP:3 stars.

Technical support: 5 stars.

Promotions:3 stars.

Variations b/w packages to choose:4 stars.

Level of satisfaction: 5stars.

Online gaming: 3stars.


QoS: 2.5stars.

Speed: 3 stars.


Technical support: 1.5 stars.

Promotions:5 stars.

Variations b/w packages to choose:1 stars.

Level of satisfaction: 3stars.

Online gaming: Unkown.


QoS: 0.5stars.

Speed: 4 stars.

FTP:5 stars.

Technical support: 1 stars.

Promotions:0 stars.

Variations b/w packages to choose:0 stars.

Level of satisfaction: 1stars.

Online gaming: 5stars.

For PREMIUM quality internet have MAXCOM, no issues over speed(personal experience) but after MAXCOM have revise their packages their 512K subscribers are complaining about speed, some of them are resolved few of them are not(I think you people should have some tolerance) But their 256K is working just like before. On 256K connection you would be getting 27-30kb constant speed either way downloading from HTTP or on torrents(depending upon seeders). To my personal experience AzureusVuze works best then Utorrent as AzureusVuze is fast in getting connections.

My on-time on MAXCOM is 20Hrs a day on avg. disconnections isn’t in MAXCOM’s vocabulary. I think MAXCOM doesn’t need their remote technical staff as their service to so perfect but in fact, I am lucky not everyone is lucky like me.

Their FTP is getting stronger and stronger day by day so don’t worry about getting HD quality TV series (remember they have few HD).

The best about MAXCOM’s FTP is that you can upload your own content on it in case, if you want to share something then just drag your file(s) on it and tell your friends to browse for your file in.(but your friends should MAXCOM too or else he can’t access it).

MAXCOM is quite slow in their promotions.

About online gaming, I lie on 40-50ms latency while playing on MAXCOM’s CS servers but on international servers I got kicked due to higher pings but on San Francisco servers I can play.

Even though, I hope good for MAXCOM but still I am saying that I am to swift myself if MAXCOM isn’t to improve their performance in 512K pool and plans to introduce something new.




So does you like(Lithium Flower) my reviewing?

I will giving PTCL and cable review soon.

Well the PTCL users would say PTCL and LDN users will say LDN so no point in having a poll here. Well you can see above a MAXCOM user is saying MAXCOM is best lol. You would say you never asked about MAXCOM but what can i say :D

PTCL is becoming good just because of UAE elislat factor, and to my knowledge they soon be buying PTCL 50+. PTCL is introducing new offers months by months.

Their strategy to “loot maar” customers has been very successful. See they only have three bandwidth limited packages at first and aims to pull-out MAXIMUM customers with 1year deal terms so that they are bound to have their service at least for 1year. IT’S A GOOD TECHQUE USED BY PTCL TO TACKLE PEOPLE.

Bad boy LDN comes in PTCL way, due to this bad boy they are enforce to revise their packages or else they won’t revise.

But coming IPTV, will be rushing people into PTCL with a great boost. I just love PTCL due to their promotions. I beg PTCL to revise their rates for E1, STM lines so that internet becomes cheaper but I knew it that PTCL will not do it till TWA reduce their prices for internet bandwidth.


While using PTCL’s DSL, there is far less problem in latency, I suppose this is due to fact that PTCL have control over PIE.

I have experienced PTCL’s 256K connection as connection is still 256K.

On PTCL’s 256K, speed is not stable at first varying from 20 to 25Kb. PTCL helpline is just for name but infact I says why they open their helpline as they doesn't want respond. I have been calling at PTCL helpline so many times to have some information about their "triple play project", every time I call I got this at the end "Hum mazadfa hain ais vaat operator masrof hain, manzait intaziar ka lay aik dabgay......"

As FTP is just started, so I can’t tell details about that.

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Well the PTCL users would say PTCL and LDN users will say LDN so no point in having a poll here. Well you can see above a MAXCOM user is saying MAXCOM is best lol. You would say you never asked about MAXCOM but what can i say :D

I reviewed MAXCOM as they providing far better services compared LDN or PTCL.

PTCL provides exactly the same what MAXCOM does at a much cheaper price. I agree PTCL's customer service is not upto the mark but who needs customer service if you never have any problems?

Exactly..PTCL quality is pretty good.There is no need for customer support when everything is working fine..PTCL is improving and i am honestly impressed.I am reading a lot of negative reviews of LDN..

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PTCL provides exactly the same what MAXCOM does at a much cheaper price. I agree PTCL’s customer service is not upto the mark but who needs customer service if you never have any problems?

Okey, I will swift soon to PTCL but I face unsyncing problem due to this, I fear that I might face it again. I don’t know well about how current packages are going.

Please share your experiences while using upgraded ones.

I am using PTCL 1 mb package and it rocks..I have not faced any sync issues so far.

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PTCL or Linkdotnet?


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I am using PTCL 1 mb package and it rocks…I have not faced any sync issues so far.

You are in Lahore, I am in Karachi. I had PTCL 256K not 1M.

You probably signed a deal with PTCL but i didn’t.

My Dial UP =)

Wateen is the best :P

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Wateen is the best :P

LOL Joke of the day :P

if u ask me iam using PTCL there is no isues regarding speed i get proper speed on my "still 512" connection which is in process to be upgraded to 1MB, which i dont think be upgrade this month,

i would say if u want good costumer support never ever i would repeat never ever go for PTCL these are all hud haram !@#$%^&*.

PTCL all the way :) 60 KB/s on 512 kbps what else you want? perfect speed.

Tho they need to add gaming servers, i'm sure they are working on it and may be some other facilities to their customers.

I saw users commenting about Maxcom and multinet and on their customer support that its very good as compared to other broadband providers but did you ever think that everyone can't afford the prices which they have set on their existing packages,man we also need a darn change in this world ,we also need speed on some decent bucks,if the service is good who the heck calls customer support representatives.They have set insane prices on the packages.Did you ever check CyberExtreme DSL prices?I am sure PANAY KHAN can subscribe to it & we can't.


Thank you for your suggestions, please keep them coming, but I will clarify a few things and narrow the field.

I specifically want opinions about PTCL compared to Linkdotnet. Maxcomm is not available in the city where I want this connection (Peshawar) and we are not considering cablenet at all.

Our needs are as follows:-

1. Unlimited bandwidth.

2. Good speed and low latency(ping) for smooth online gaming.

3. Reliable connectivity. Customer support only becomes an issue when the service is shouldn't be down at all!

4. Value for money.

I have used PTCL in Islamabad but have no experience of Linkdotnet myself, hence the poll.

In the last 6 months, my service was down about down twice and each time it took about 2-3 days for them to get it online again. The first time their local router for the area was down and it took two days to fix it. The second time, following Benazir's assassination the fibre optic cable in Karachi was disrupted, again downtime was two days.

It has been 18 days since the announcement of their new packages but my Islamabad connection is still 256KBps despite repeated calls to their local complaint centre.

Speeds are constant, pings are okay. (~ 255-455 ms). They receive my calls 90% of the time.

One more thing that I would like to mention is that PTCL offer a modem free with a year's contract. Before anyone counters that Linkdotnet do too, might I remind them that the modem is rented and it continues to remain the property of Linkdotnet until it is purchased by the customer for 3000/rs. So even if you stayed with LDN for a decade, and never bought the modem, it still wouldn't be yours.

On the other hand, Linkdotnet don't ban websites like the PIE puppy PTCL is. =/

So please continue:

LinkDotNet v. PTCL