Internet Service in Hyderabad

Hello Guys. Does anyone here know if any WiMax provider is providing their services in Hyderabad? (Exclude PTCL and Worldcall). Also is Zong providing EDGE services in Hyderabad or is it GPRS? I need the info for my sis who basically needs a low cost and average speed connection for checking mails and chatting over facebook with family.

One part of the conundrum solved. :D Zong is providing EDGE services in Hyderabad. I called up their service centre and confirmed. Any other ideas regarded WiMax services in Hyderabad?

Yes dear in Qasimabad area there are so many WiFi service provider available


is the most popular in that area. and i think they offer it 400 pm.

but in the main city and latifabad on one is providing.

^ Thank you so much. How much is the speed that they are offering of Rs. 400? Any idea about Citizen Colony? Its near the Bus stand.

I think so.

but not on the main road to bypass,

service works only in inside the citizecolony

and service is just lick the local cabel net operator.