Internet, phone system partially paralysed in Multan

On-line banking, ATM services and fixed phone services were partially paralysed in Multan after a fault appeared in the telecom system. No worker was available to rectify the fault and restore the telecom system due to strikes by PTCL employees.

According to a survey, more than 15,000 phones went out of order no one was available in the telecom sector to register user's complaints andrestore their phone lines and broadband internet lines.

When contacted the Regional General Manager Jam Shahid Pervez said that a fault developed in the internet lines at Dera Adda and Gulgasht telephone exchange areas. Earlier this system remained suspended due to a fault that developed in Lahore. PTCL workers warned that they would paralyse the telephone system throughout the country in the next 24 hours if PTCL's unified pay scale system was not reversed.

Maybe you are right but I have not heard about any thing like that. My phone is working fine. No prob at Central exchange.

15,000 phones? well my phone lines were OK. :D

well i just heard on geo tht ptcl has given a dead line of 24-48 hours

if a notice for the acceptance of their claims is not issued they ll jam the whole country's communication

oo man so cool

how will it feel when v ll b without internet ......

btw the govt shud take some steps and accpt their claims other wise my phone which is kharab frm 10 days will never get ok....