Internet Light off modem ZXDSL 831CII

My internet light is off since 2 days i have confirmed with csr my id and password is correct dont know what to do need help any settings in the modem page ?

Does the DSL light comes up, or is it dead too?

also if you can login to your modem @ via admin/admin kindly post your line status here.

DSL light is stable everytime


and i tried my user id and password at my frnds modem, its working .

Try connecting through PPPoE dialup.

done same prb lol

Your port is hung at the exchange. Same thing happened to me 1 week ago. Tell them to change or fix your port.

right now my phone is dead wtf !

Maybe they are working on it, phone line dies when they work on it

phone line is working now but dsl is unstable

yeah its working now :D

Gratz bro, have fun now :)


I should get back to fix my own DSL De-syncs problem, PTCL very lame as they won't change my pair -.-'

lol thnx