Internet Explorer Problem

My Internet Explorer in Win7 32 bit giving this error


Please help me how to overcome this problem.


^very funny but I have said goodbye to Internet Explorer and shifted to Mozilla Firefox as per your advice on IRC channel.

Life looks easy now.

Soon u will say TA TAA Firefox,

"firefox.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."


google chrome z good

@Imran: I suggest Chrome. I personally like Opera a lot for its built-in features (Mail Client, IRC, better Download Manager, BitTorrent RSS Preview etc.), but Chrome extensions are great. The only thing in my opinion that Firefox had going for it was Add-ons, and now most of those Add-ons are available as Chrome Extensions, many companies are making 'em for both browsers. However, Chrome has a better, cleaner interface and is much much faster and stable as compared to Firefox.

install IE patches and check

I tried a lot to install it. After installing it doesn't start.

Someone told me to install microsoft security essentials but that affected rather more destroying factor me, as pirated copy of win7 ultimate failed the online test of genuine windows validation. WTH!!!

just switch to Firefox.

boot from DOS

delete the IE folder

reinstall IE

if method fails, reinstall Windows

In my ms office - xp, the internet explorer is not opening. At right...doesnot show 'open home page'. But internet connection is available. What is the problem and how to solve it.

Thanks Coupons

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haha…good one !

IE sucks more than any other browser on the planet:P

I prefer you download fresh copy of Google Chrome! I m using from 8 months giving excellent results

In internet explorer 9 when we press F12 key it generates developer tools suite through which we can open a website in different modes (as per version of IE).

I want to open some pages in IE8 by default as they open very fast if I select IE8 brower mode.

Is there any way through which these pages could open in IE8 by default?