Internet Explorer 6 vs Internet Explorer 7

Heyy userss which 1 is the best and fasteest in these 2

Both sucks

Da best and fastest browser is firefox

IE6 vs IE7


Opera and Firefox

Internet explorer sux

In between IE 6 and 7, IE 6 sucks big time. No question about it. It's a nightmare for designers especially CSS ones.

Why Go for pirated IE's when you can get a far better Firefox free of coast?

^ last time i checked IE was also freeware

Yes, IE is free and doesn't have a genuine advantage test anymore. IE6 is really insecure and slow and it doesn't make sense to continue using such an outdated version when updates are freely available.

IE7 isn't all that bad really, for the casual user. IE8 is even better :)

IE has More security holes then fishes in da sea :Z

Go for Firefox. I love it.

As per Topic IE7 is better than IE6