Internet doesn't connect - is my vci/vpi settings wrong?

Hi i have this WiFi router of ptcl 'AN1020-5'. My router's DSL light is green like when ever i start my router but the internet light sometimes takes tooo long like hours to turn green (its mostly red) . I researched a bit and found this has to do with vpi/vci settings for pppoe connection cuz Dsl statistics are fine (i think). My current port/vpi/vci figures are 0/8/81.

Mode: ADSL2+ Type: Interleave Line Coding: Trellis On Status: No Defect Link Power State: L0 Downstream Upstream SNR Margin (dB): 29.6 30.0 Attenuation (dB): 24.0 10.5 Output Power (dBm): -5.4 4.4 Attainable Rate (Kbps): 15448 1335 Rate (Kbps): 1092 382 MSGc (number of bytes in overhead channel message): 70 13 B (number of bytes in Mux Data Frame): 14 13 M (number of Mux Data Frames in FEC Data Frame): 1 16 T (Mux Data Frames over sync bytes): 2 3 R (number of check bytes in FEC Data Frame): 16 16 S (ratio of FEC over PMD Data Frame length): 0.4247 18.2857 L (number of bits in PMD Data Frame): 584 105 D (interleaver depth): 128 2 Delay (msec): 13 9 Super Frames: 45123 45442 Super Frame Errors: 0 0 RS Words: 6858832 158502 RS Correctable Errors: 6 0 RS Uncorrectable Errors: 0 N/A HEC Errors: 0 289 OCD Errors: 0 0 LCD Errors: 0 0 Total Cells: 1878467 145749967 Data Cells: 42723 6760333 Bit Errors: 0 6262 Total ES: 0 199947 Total SES: 0 199946 Total UAS: 17 199946

Can you tell me what could be wrong?? Can you suggest best vci/vpi figures at least.



vpi =0 and cvi= 103 ptcl Broadband

Or if you're on fiber optic, then your VPI would be 8 and VCI would be 81.

Your username is the phone number that you signed up with (either your landline or your cell number) and your password is usually "ptcl" (w/o quotes).

thanks for all the info guys. I am on fibre optic but the line was short so the line man made a joint and connected coper to extend the line. now my router is actually connected to copper wire. And when i got my modem the technician had them values set to 8/81 as mentioned by shaheerk. But the problem presists (i also tried 0/103), i tried ptcl technical support and some psycho !@#$% talks repeatedly about sending Sms. I will try to contact exchange today..

i am on ONU(fiber optic) network but when i keep vpi =0 and cvi= 103 ptcl Broadband my DSL works but when i put VPI 8 and VCI 81 it stops working.