International Submarine cable cut/maintenance (god knows)

Just called up ptcl for the shite service and a voice on recording said there 'cable par murammat ka kaam jari hai' :o

Can go up to a week she said. Lovely.

Thats why I was wondering that browsing is taking ages and certain websites loading is extremely slow since 5.30 pm today

A week isn't bad, last time it took months

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Seriously again,can't find any news about this but my ping is increased from ~40 to 100 + :angry: ......

Came to this forum specifically to check if this was the case. Thanks for posting.

Voip isnt working as well.

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Not good. I am experiencing slow speeds for my Evo USB and also reduced speed in my 2Mbps PTCL DSL connection.

I can only hope it gets fixes asap.

2 or 3days back it was in newspaper (dunyanews) that optic fiber line in Hafizabad, near Gujranwala has been damaged,

due to which gujrnawala region is facing slow internet.

But there has been no news about international submarine line being damaged.And internet is still slow.

Is it possible to get a reasonable timeframe from PTCL as to when the thing will be fixed? Pings are making online gaming useless.

koi news to nahi ayi esi,

i think another the cable cut is now being used as an excuse <_<

Again,i called PTCL for Dc's and slow browsing...............

at my end pings are very high and speed in not crossing 1 mb. M using 2 mb dsl

from 2nd March to 6th March PTCL Status look the snapshot there was two break down 1st on 2nd march and 2nd was on 6th march.

Internet is disconnecting alot with IPTV interruption too,the cable is still messing up or something is wrong at PTCL end.

Smart TV and Net both working fine now by grace of Allah. Two days back net was too slow but Smart tv was working fine

Masters for how long does the modem is kept connected? Do you turn it off? Whats the maximum time you recorded on it


I never turn off my modem. it gets off only during load shedding :) . Well i jst recorded for testing, jst few mins but didn't used after that. I think max limit for recording is 5 gb at PTCL server.

Whats your modem model sir?

Modem: AN1020-25. But I do switch off my Smart TV box along TV :)