International Roaming

hi... i am using my ufone in international roaming and the outgoing for pakistan price is too high....

is there any

system or device or divertion methoed

that i make a call from abroad to pakistan via voip or from internet(net2phone) and next in pakistan my ufone same number display on other cells ????

no chance men

What people do is get a SIM card from the respective country's cell network and then place calls. It's cheaper throughout.

And international roaming will ALWAYS be excessively expensive. Avoid it when you can, if you can.

My concern that if i make a calll then my cell number appear over there

So Any Guru Of Telecom Can Help Me ?????

nope i dont think so it is possible. if it is possible then it will be illegal to do this coz then any one can be cheated with others no.

and recently Telenor has increased its international roaming rates , but they didnt posted it on their website , when i complain them three times, they appologize me and after that they updated their rates , thats fckn bullshit

Skype provides the option of caller identification so it might be the solution for you to do cheap calling to Pakistan.