Intel HD Graphics

Can Intel HD Graphics run Crysis,NFS Shift,Tranformers:Revenge of the Fallen,Terminator:Salvation,GTA:IV,EFLC?

I played NFS Shift on 4500MHD 4gb DDR2 and core 2 duo which is a bit weaker than Intel HD Graphics the game din't run smooth on reasonable graphic settings

I have Intel HD Graphics, with core i3 330m and 2gb DDR3, it runs WoW with medium+ graphics on 30fps

check notebookcheck page for more details

Crysis and GTA IV??? Forget about that. Even high-end cards have to work hard running these at good specs.

Why don't you just give it up? I think many have already told you it won't work. Why don't you just get yourself a decent dedicated GPU?

Nope, the games you've mentioned will not be playable on Intel whatever graphics (currently), you need nVidia or Ati for that. Yeah they might "open up", but you wont be able to "play" them.

You see, the latest games requires the latest "graphic cards", they're not meant to be played on built-in graphics. Hope i helped.

The intel latest compares to nvidia 8400 according to wikipedia:

^ umm even in that case, the nVidia 8400gs is a crappy card for gaming... go youtube "[the name of any game listed by OP] on 8400gs" and watch the results.