Intel® Core™2 Duo or dual core prices

I am going to purchase Intel® Core™2 Duo or dual core, with 2 ghz and 512mb ram.

And its unbranded processor which will cost me 10-12000.

I need ur reviews are these prices are fine?

How can it be an unbranded processor? I guess you meant to say an assembled computer?

Prices can be judged better if there are complete details of the hardware, including hard disk, optical media drive (cd/dvd rom/writer), motherboard, graphic card, RAM type etc. Also, it's better to know the exact processor model #.

its difficult to get 2G C2D within 10-12k!!!

U can buy E4600 2.40Ghz (2MB CACHE - 800 MHZ FSB) in 9800/- Rupees as quoted by

with 512mb ram too..and obviously u have to change the motherboard too...that will cost much!!!