Intel atom processor arrive at galaxy

i am a big fan of miniature stuff so when my friend wanted a pc for his small children cheaply, i recommended a pc with intel atom processor. This is a embeded processor on a small mobo., very useful for server or small pc

some specs.

Processor: Intel Atom N270 (1.6GHz)

bus: 400/533

Cache Per Processor: 512KB L2 Cache

hyperthreading enabled

here is what i bought for rs. 5500 from galaxy

some laptops available with this processor

also check galaxy

more info here

Talking about embedded processors, i remember intel already introduced embedded processor once which was 1.2Ghz Celeron with motherboard supporting DDR Ram. Used to work fine for office work. but the problem with the motherboard was that it did have only one PCI slot, so if anyone want to add some other card then he has no option, although sound, vga and lan was builtin with no serial /parallel ports, and two usb it was too much limited. The same is the case with the motherboard which intel is embedding the atom processor.

cache size:O

with hyperthered processor cache should atleast be 1 MB

thts y people were having problems when HT processor arrives

must see the pro reviews of this things before buying