Institute of buisness & technology (biztek) scam

Institute of buisness & technology (biztek) is busy in scam with number of student but the silance still remain i dont know why people cant raise their voice agiainst them its happen with me in 2013 i got my admision and thye promise me for 50% merit discount but after 2 years in the middle of my bs they are saying you have to pay 1 lac rupees dues and thye cancel my enrollment and mention if you dont pay this you admision is canceled im worried about my canceleation of my admison becuse they waste my time 2 year is a big time period and they have metric pass mangement even they are not aware regarding about M of management dont know how to manage accounts and they are always ready for miss behave with students now i want some experts suggetion there is any person who can give me some valid and good suggestion to how deal with these scammers.

feels to bad about it, i have the best suggestion 4 you,

1- contact to the rector of university

2- contact to the HEC

3- contact to the IK (ager IMRAN KHAN c contact kro gay to, now a days hi will do his best for you, because he needs youth and he is the single person who fighting against this shitty system of pakistan)


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unless you are living in usa, it should be 15 for police and 1101 for Rangers.

Where is it located?


read *between the lines* my friend ;)