Instaphone and 3G?

A nice green white blog post abt a possible instaphone relaunch.

they say insta was trying to introduce HSDPA/CDMA before they went down. So do you think they can launch 3g if they get back up on their feet

yar i am sick of these kind of posts all over pakistan related forums and news.

yar at least give first osolete GPRS at constant speed without disconnection in 2008 then talk about obsolete EDGE. and as for 3G yar look around you reality mey reh key baat karo meray dost.

enough is enough talk about what we have not about we can't have.

heard its owned by voda phone now!

by the way insta was bought by SK telecom from south korea.

the QoS of cellular operators suck over here.

i'm getting freaking 3kB/s in an EDGE enabled area ... they should provided the required speeds on current technologies like GPRS and EDGE then move onto soemthing next.

i think they should provide full signals first :D

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i think they should provide full signals first :D

no just in the ADs :P

defiantly not in near future