Installing Windows on USB- Flash

The computer shop i go to has an employee who showed me a USB-Flash drive - 8Gb on which he installed windows

He inserts the USB in any computer and gets his own personal desktop

how can this be done



You can install Windows XP on a USB pen so that you can troubleshoot problem or take your office with you. From the article:

All it takes is a minor error in the Windows Registry or a virus infection, and your operating system can become unbootable. But with a properly configured USB flash drive on hand, you'll always have a compatible replacement no further away than your pocket or keychain. In addition, the flash drive can also provide a secure browser and virus scanner, and lets you take your favorite DVD burning and Office software with you wherever you may go

All that's needed is a bootable USB Flash drive with at least 256 MB of storage capacity and a Windows Setup CD. Using the program Bart PE Builder (Freeware), you can install Windows XP on the flash drive, along with other software as needed (and as available space permits)...


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first make the USB bootable, and then copy the image which you make i mean the ghost window, the partion must be in FAT format, and then start the computer, just boot from USB and write shost and enter in DOS, then from image, and then install the ghost as usually people are installing, but the fact is first must make the USB bootable

Follow this guide:,1113.html

Last time I used the this method and it took just 15Min to restore.

Only drawback it will format your drive. B)

Smooth and the best way of installing a new fresh OS specially took 6-7mins on my Core 2 Quad to get Win7 installed.