Installing windows 7 from pendrive?

How do i do it??

See this article:

Use a USB Key to Install Windows 7—Even on a Netbook


Did you google it before posting here?

Its simple, format your pendrive to Fat32 and then copy all the content from win7 dsik to pendrive and boot from pendrive. TADA!

can xp be intalled same way?

i have an Xp iso

^No, but you can use this tutorial:

BTW I've used it to install XP twice. If you encounter any problem, do let us know.

In my case, I got stuck at one part, once all the files were copied, I had to boot from the computer not the flash drive, though the flash drive needs to stay plugged in.

The quick fix that I can give you:

1) mount your CD (use any virual CD manager)

2) format your USB drive, open up "diskpart" (in DOS).

2a) type "list disk" at the prompt. you'll probably get something like Disk 0 and Disk 1 - the best way to determine which one your USB is is to see the size of the drive

2b) type "select disk x" (replace X with the respective disk number e.g. "select disk 1") and press enter

2c) type "list partitions"

2d) type "select partition 0" (or "select partition 1" - your USB should have ONLY ONE partition - so select the number present

2e) type "active" (or "make active" - although I think just typing "active" should do it).


Your USB is now bootable


Now in the virtual Windows CD you mounted, make sure you a bit-copy (as in - select ALL files including ALL hidden AND system files) and copy them to your USB). You're done!

PS: the Diskpart method works for Vista and in Windows 7.


u also needs to Applies the master boot code command without it it wont work.

bootsect.exe /nt60 F:

where "F: is your flash drive.

Not sure - I don't recall doing this from the above method. If you're using Vista or Windows 7, your bootloader (the "active" command) automatically makes it in to the NT60 format. If you're not using W7/Vista, THEN (I believe) you have to use this command.

But here's how:

Start > Run. Type "cmd" and hit enter.

In the DOS prompt, assuming your USB drive letter is F:

f: [enter]

cd boot [enter]

bootsect.exe /nt60 F: [enter]

And you're done. Note that you don't need to worry about capitalization though.

You can do that only if your BIOS setup support USB drive.

hey guys i've done this a lot ov times but i'm unable to find a way in making a bootable Win7 flashdrive through win XP...urgent help plz!


See my posts above.

But make sure that you format the USB in NTFS, NOT FAT32 or exFAT or any other format - it HAS to be in NTFS.

guys i've made and installed Win 7 flashdrive many times. But i've always made it through Win7 which has in built disk-part. Now i want to make it through Win XP not from Win 7. Disk part is not present in XP.

Simple and tested 100%

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^^ah thanks anyways...already did it.! But indeed pendrive install is the fastest way. It took me exact 11mins to install it on C2Q with 3gigs ov RAM..impressive.!