Installing two satellite receivers on one dish

salam,can anyone tell me how to install two satellite receivers on one dish?i know there is a way ...that is to get two lnbs on one dish but i want to know if there is other way.also please tell me which satellite receiver is good in quality but also cheap.any good shop in islamabad and pindi.

If you want to share one dish with two receivers you only need a switcher costing aroun Rs.300

My dishwala in Dubai did this for me. I shared my hotbird dish with another guy and he shared his asiasat3s and panamsat7/10 dish with me. But when I asked about it here in hall road they said you need multi solution lnb etc. Here I didn't hear about the switch.

Can we use this switch with any type of lnb. Is it available in Hall Road?

u require a simple splitter (switch) will certainly cost less than Rs 100.

i hav been using it, easily available in imperial market rawalpindi

Brother May be these friends are Refering to Diseqc Switch .... i dont think tht can serve your required purpose ... coz you must be wanting two satellite recivers function independently. the only solution is to use the LNB with two recivers options tht costs about 1200 Rs and allows two receivers to be connected to operate independantly. and as far as your 2nd question is concerned ... now a days mostly china made satellite receivers are available in markets but they work fine ... I think Magic-Box , Ecolink are the good ones , now it all depends upon your requirement .... if you just want the FTA (free to Air ) satellite reciver , it shouldnt cost you more than 3500 Rs in Rawalpindi imperial market or from college Road ...