Inno3D 9800gt 1GB Purchased 3/3/11

Hi guys.

I purchased an Inno3D 9800GT 1GB this Thursday (3/3/2011) from Galaxy, Lahore. But that very day my PSU burnt and I reverted to my casing's crappy PSU. Since this PSU screwed a hard drive in the past, I urgently need cash to get a new, reliable PSU hence am forced to sell this card.

Galaxy's price for the card was Rs.9500. My asking price for the card is Rs.8000 only.

I of course have the card in optimum condition with its box intact. I literally used the card only once - at a friend's to take the pictures.

You'll be getting the same card Galaxy is offering only at a cheaper price. Not only will you get the full the Galaxy warranty (reciept still with me) but also my own guarantee - koi issue hua toh mujhe aa kay pooch layna.

Find the card's URL, its pictures and reciept below.

Contact me (Humza Shah) at 0331-4242018 via text messaging or phone call. If that number is busy/off, try 0347-6266040. If I do not respond to your phone-call, leave a text. Please do not ask to negotiate the price - you're already getting a card in full warranty.

I'd prefer the buyer to be from Lahore. That way I can deliver the card myself so we can check it at the buyer's place (tasalli kay liye).



URL to card: