Infrared LEDs

I'm looking for IR LEDs of 850nm wavelength for a project I'm doing. I tried hall road, but they have no idea of what IR LEDs are, all they know of is transmitter (one used in TV remotes) and receiver. Hell they don't even know what voltage it is. And that is all they know about IR LEDs.

So as of now I'm in great trouble, if you know of any decent place to buy these please let me know, it will be of great help.

in rawalpindi IR LEDS of different qualities are easily available from College Road.

and the TX RX used in TVs are also infrared LEDs you can use them too

what project is it ?? and if you need these for making proximity sensor, or contrast sensor, the TV leds will work


what project is it ?

on hall road which shops you have tried?

Coz I, myself bought IR LEDs from there for my project of "IR cut-off Security Alarm System", i cant remember shop's name as it is very long ago, but i think shop's name was either "Ideal Electronics" or something having word "2000", and it was almost in the end of market,and was not on the main...... they had many "ready made projects" with designs :/ :P and that shop is famous for projects, coz first of all we went a shop and told him we need these things for our electronics project, and he sent us to that shop..... so you can ask anyone one on hall road " Bhai sahab yeh 2 no. ready made electronics projects with deign kahan say miltay hain?" :P

In short i cant help to redirect you that shop but i can confirm that you can find them there....

the Shop is

Electronic 2000

and its in Bismillah Market