Information Required

Assalam alaikum,

I want some information regarding flats in north nazimabad karachi. I want to buy a flat and move there but i don't know which area of north nazimabad is good for living without any problem of water gas electricity. There are alot of blocks and areas there and i m totally confused.


consult your local property dealer for this info.. and also search on facebook for fan pages about specific areas.

I think a property consultant will definitely help you because it's the profession of the property consultant ...

just visit the areas and ask the local people they will tell you better, don't go to those pesky consultants they will tangle you with bullshit info just to make their commissions.

P.S Btw North Nazimabad is not really decent place to live, if you want comfort and all amenities move to gulshan-e-iqbal, jamal, near stadium road areas (center of karachi not at the end) the more you move far from center the more problems you will get.