Information required for Buying Satellite Dish for Home

Assalam o Alaikum,

I live in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I have TV cable installed at my home. However, I am now deciding on buying a satellite dish. I don’t have any prior information whatsoever about satellite dishes. So I would be glad if more knowledgable people around here help me in making the best decision for myself. As of now, I have a few questions in my mind. I shall be thankful for getting their answers plus all the relevant and additional information shared by users here.

Q1: How many channels can a dish catch?
Q2: Can the dish catch all channel signals being transmitted?
Q3: Can I use more than one LNB in one dish? If so, what effect will it make on dish channels? Will they become more clear?
Q4: Can I watch channels on two different LED TVs in different rooms with the same one dish, or there is One-Dish-One-TV rule applicable here?
Q5: I have heard of paid-subscription TV channels in the UK. Will I have to pay subscriptions to watch any particular TV channels?
Q6: Why are there so many different satellite receiver boxes in the market, like Tata HD, StarHD etc? What is so special about these? Which receiver should I be looking to purchase?
Q7: Is picture quality better in dish channels or in TV cable?
Q8: What are KU and C-Band dishes? and what is their difference?

These are some of the basic questions that are coming to my mind right now. However, I shall be glad to receive input from better informed people here. Thanks.

35 post views and not a single reply to help me. I am very surprised. Isn’t there a single knowledgeable person here who could answer my query???