Information about Digital Cable TV Service in Rawalpindi

I would like to know if anyone else using digital cable tv service in Rawalpindi offering HD Channels. Currently I am using digital cable tv service of Unicom. They are offering 220 digital tv channels but their HD channels are very less i.e. only 4.

Kindly share your views about digital cable and HD channels being offered by Cable TV operators in Rawalpindi so that others could benefit from it.

How much is Unicom charging for their Digital cable, could you also share their contact number

They are charging Rs. 400. The contact number varies from area to area as Unicom is just at the backend. They have given franchises to different cable operators in Rwp / ISB who transmit their channels.

Thanks, can you give me your cable operators contact number, maybe he will know if they are providing services in my area

Tel No. 4934188