Info regarding dish tv system


I want to install a dish system for supersport channels,Which dish i need for ss channels?


kaka7 forget multichoice package.Its no more for us.. Its only available in South Africa. W7 sub sahara africa beam..which is by no means accessible with even 50 foot dish antenna ehhh :D

^^^ Thanx to piracy my friend we won't have SS channels ever again. Multichoice has terminated IS-10 which was the only receivable satellite for this package. Multichoice package is only available for african viewers which was their legal broadcast area. Now my friend we are left with crappy and rubbish indian sports channels that left cable operators with no choice to provide sports channels as better as SS. So no need to spend your money cauz its not possible anymore.

Thx for the replies guys... but here in karachi SS channels are shown by cable operators.I talked to a dish seller and told him about multichoice SS.He told me that dish and reciever will cost around 7k and monthly 600.

I don't think it will work further after the package expires because there will be no cards available to recharge.

@kaka 7 its all rubbish my friend. If that was possible then cable operators would have been the first ones to fetch it. Moreover on this that even after termination of is-10 satellite on 31st may few ss channels kept on running untill last week. Now its gone 4ever. Anyways if this news u r telling is a week old then u should revisit that person who is offering ss channels and let us know.


no Supersport channel available right now in pakistan... :(

^ YUP man ,they are gone for ever :-(~~~

worldcall has launched eurosports 1 2 and neo sports its all crap never good programs on these channels neo cricket is good channel but they change with neo sports

I agree with you ALeena

hi all,

I want to buy dish tv,

please help me, which package is suitable for me.

I want to see sports, geographic & movies channels.