Hello WP Fellows,

Few days before i visited local market for ups/inverter, there i saw a Chinese power inverter Named (APT INVEREX) with 10A and 20A Charging option.

I want to know that,

Is it safe to charge 150 or 160 AH battery with 20A charging option, because in mid summer we need fast charging due to heavy load shedding...?

waiting for your replies....

Thank you.

^^ Anyone...? :|


I presume you are talking about Model: APT Inverex xp 5+5.

It is important to see its manual first. I can help if you could send me its manual in PDF here bilal_ashiq@hotmail.com.

Moreover, thing to be checked is whether its inverter or UPS. A UPS actually takes its input from the battery. The reason why it stays uninterrupted.

What about its Price?