Info for new ups

Hi, does anyone know how much it takes to install a ups in a house, to avoid power failure?

Too little information is provided to answer your query: you need to specify much more (your site specific) installation details such as how many points to wire up, open or duct/concealed wiring, existing plugs or new points, loads, UPS size, wiring distances, safety provisions (circuit breakers), etc.

UPS has two cables for connection with the battery. Input Power supply which should be connected to main power line. i.e., one with live and other one with neutral(assuming you have single phase UPS).
There is a socket in which you connect load to the UPS. This is the load UPS provide uninterrupted power supply.
There are settings for cutoff battery voltages, Main power supply failure and the UPS inverted peak voltages in the UPS. Lead Acid battery should be cut off at 14.5V. Dry batteries(Li Ion single battery cell which is used in the laptop) should be cut off at 4.2V per cell.