Infinity package speed upgraded!

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Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to thank you for choosing Mobilink Infinity as your broadband

Internet partner. Mobilink Infinity gives you the right edge to connect to

the world around you with best in class Wi MAX services. By redefining what

it means to utilize wireless broadband technology with maximum convenience,

Mobilink Infinity aims to provide you the best Internet experience, always.

We are excited to inform that your 256Kbps Mobilink Infinity Wi MAX account

has been upgraded to 512Kbps under a special promotion!!

The Data allowance will be the same as of your 256Kbps package, but with

double the speed and performance. You can experience blazing fast browsing,

downloads and streaming with this upgrade and enjoy it at Absolutely No

Additional Cost for the Next Two Months.

Since our commitment is to provide you with the best in broadband Internet

technology, we hope that you will find the upgrade both enjoyable and

useful. This promotion will give you a free speed upgrade for initial two

months however, you will have to pay the 512Kbps package monthly charges

according to the tariff from the third month onwards.

In case you find any issues or concerns regarding the upgraded account of

yours, all you will have to do is contact our Customer Care Team and let us


We would be happy to assist you with this or any other queries.

For further details of this offer and our package plan, please dial 369 from

your Mobilink number or contact our helpline 111 300 369 anytime.


Customer Care Team

Mobilink Infinity

Tel: 111 300 369

Mobile: 369 (From Mobilink GSM Numbers)




Same volume cap but double the speed. Am I the only one seeing the purpose of this upgrade here? :rolleyes:

facing some speed probs these days ! (since a week)

youtube is not working properly , stuck in between and when refresh then started again , torrents giving problems ! but when chk with the i m having 1.5 mbps ! on 1 mbps contract.

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Same volume cap but double the speed. Am I the only one seeing the purpose of this upgrade here? :rolleyes:


Yep… cause you posted it :P

But seriously, whats so infinite about this infinity?

facing serious speed probs these days , it starts like a jet but in th emiddle of download / streaming it stopped and then dead !

i complained and got hte reply in 5 minutes that your issue is now under process and will b solve shortly!

it has been 3 days now ! no improvement !

what is its download speed ?