Infini vs inverex vm iii hybrid solar inverter

What is difference between infini and vm iii

I want to know which one is better for normal use and price effective. Also difference.

I am also looking into the new VM III inverter these days. Specs wise it looks good. The main difference between Infini 3KW and VM III 3KW is that VM III cannot feed back into the grid. So you can’t use it for net metering. But then you can’t even use Infini 3KW for net metering, because according to govt you need 3 phase inverter if you want to sell electricity to wapda and then there are other conditions that have to be fulfilled. The only 3 phase infini is 10KW and that is Rs. 200,000+ The other difference is that it can work with 24V battery bank, Infini needs 48V battery bank. VM III can also work without batteries. That means all you need to do is connect it with solar panels and it will still support your load, even without batteries. Infini 3KW Plus supports up to 4500W PV, VM III will support 4000W max.

As far as price is concerned Infini 3KW Plus is about 90,000 while Inverex VM III is for 55,000. Crown is also selling VM III but I haven’t inquired about their price. But today I was talking to an installer, he did not have VM III 3KW but he said it should be around 46,000. But he told me that even though VM III 3.2KW supports up to 4000W PV input, it will only use a maximum of 2000W PV for powering loads. If the load is greater than 2000W then it will use grid or battery even if extra PV power is available. Now I don’t know if this is true or he was just bluffing because he did not have VM III 3KW but he wanted me to buy VM III 5KW for Rs. 67,000.

Single Phase is allowed for net-metering up to a certain limit… 5kW or 10kW. Please check relevant NEPRA regulations.

Ok. I want to ask that in vm iii if load exceed solar power at any time then extra power will come from battery bank or from utility? In infini inverter case it will take extra power from utility and feed load combine power of solar and utility. For example if load is 1000 watt and solar providing only 700 watt then infini will take 300 watt from utility. An other advantage in infini is that if you have extra solar power then in grid tie option extra power can b utilize inside your house(like running motor, fridge) bcz then are connected inside utility meter.

1 other question. When vm iii operate without battery. From where it will get surge power? And extra power when load exceed solar power?

VM III working very similar to Infini. You can download the user manual from Voltronic website. All settings are explained in the manual.

About the grid tie Infini option you mention. I am not aware of this feature. If you have any extra power left that is not utilized by the load or for charging battery, and if you cannot feed it back into the grid then that extra power will be wasted.

Thanks for ur kind opinion. I have read the manual but not clear about extra power needed will be either supplied from battery or utility.
2 nd in case of without battery option how inverter will full fill extra load demand when solar power is less then load.
Have u installed vm iii?
I need some feed back from some one who is using vm iii.

If solar is insufficient and battery is not available then it will take power from grid. If grid is not available, then Inverter will obviously show overload condition and shut down. I have not installed VM III but I am considering either getting VM III or Infini V.

There is a member on wiredpakistan by the name @Omer_Javed. He has recently installed VM III, you can try sending him a pm. He will be in a better position to answer any queries about VM III

So it means that when solar power is not enough then it will combine solar and utility power to meet up load demand. ?
Or it will cut off solar power shift all load to utility?

VMIII is inteligent and takes extra power from utility it can also be run without batteries in this case if load exceeds than PV and power goes off than it will stop inverter for safety if the poad is less than PV power it keeps runing loads its an excellent inverter