India's First Mission towards Moon - A giant step forward

For a while let’s forget the regional politics, our economy, war on terror etc., and discuss the significance of our neighbor's giant step forward in space technology. A very interesting activity is taking place on the other side of our eastern border. Tonight, India is about to launch its first mission towards moon.

India is giving free ride to American & European instruments on its very own mission towards moon.

As NDTV Says:

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In an unusual reversal of roles for the first time a developing country is flying free to the moon, instruments provided by developed countries. Instruments from the American space agency NASA, UK, Sweden, Germany and Bulgaria are all being flown to the moon at India's cost. In return these scientists share the data with India.

Dr. Stewart Nozette, NASA and Lunar Planetary Institute, Houston, USA says that it cost a hundred million dollars to put the MINI SAR together. When asked on whether it is expensive, he said, as compared to a dedicated satellite it is a good deal for NASA.

The Americans are flying a very unique instrument that will initiate the most intense search for ice on the moon while another payload will map the minerals of the moon. While some others will help search for elements that could offer a solution for meeting the Earth s ever growing energy needs, by hunting for deposits of Helium-3, a futuristic energy source. Many nations have invested several millions of dollars on the making of these miniature analyzers and find the risk of flying these on India's maiden mission a cost effective proposition.

For India giving a place to these international partners on Chandrayaan-1 was a way to showcase to the world the arrival of a new kid on the block, whose moon dreams not only intense but also biding with international co-operation being the name of the game in future.


I noticed in past years world paid less attention towards nearest outer space destination i.e, Moon and converged in exploring far-away and the most distant planets, galaxies and universes.

P.S: please discuss the tech part only. No cursing on our domestic problems. No comparison of two countries.

Well India has been launching satellites for other countries for quite a while fact they are quite experienced in this regard...

China has already sent a man into space...they are planning moon exploration as well...I heard NASA too is going for (more) moon exploration...I guess Russia with its re-found uber-patriotism wouldn't want to stay too far behind...we could be in for a three way space race :D

It's not free. The purpose of these missions is to collect data. If the US and other countries are sharing data with them, they (India) cut back on their own costs and get advanced data too.

Well I'm pleased to feel the indent of the progressive change is flowing towards Asia now. Most of experts believe that China is going to be the supreme power in the world soon. And now India has joined the race towards progress. I hope Pakistan realizes its position and moves in soon.

I think if you have a launch vehicle then rest are just electronic analyzers equipped with radio transmitters. Like India first built its own Launch Vehicle PSLV.

We also prepared a couple of prototypes called 'Badar' but unfortunately had no launching and was lacking effective post launch control from earth station.

There is a very short distance between development of deadliest ballistic missile and a space mission rocket. Development of Agni in india helped ISRO to make PSLV.

Yaar What Giant Step These Indians are Gonna Pollute The Moon Now.I Hope all Indians Go To Moon and Let us pakis live with peace on Earth :P

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Yaar What Giant Step These Indians are Gonna Pollute The Moon Now

^^^The topic starter has clearly stated that don’t discuss these type of problem,and this is not allowed on the forum afaik.

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Yaar What Giant Step These Indians are Gonna Pollute The Moon Now.I Hope all Indians Go To Moon and Let us pakis live with peace on Earth :P

Please keep the idiotic comments to a minimum and don’t derail the thread with such useless input.

Great News. Now we have showed to "Gora log" we desi'es can play with rocket science, :P

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Great News. Now we have showed to “Gora log” we desi’es can play with rocket science, :P

yeh we, but we-pakistani=india

what ever we say... in last 63 years!what we did, nothig, we have not yet made our own identity.. if you go in coutries like japan(i feel wonder),korea, etc most people still think that.. pakistan is some part of "india".same story in scandinavian countries.

we are (pakistan) launching soon first mission to hell

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i know right now, we are like a dead nation... yeah! Things get worse but not in out of control... if we want in next 15-20years we can launch a mission to mars ;)

but 1st everyone has to change the attitude and mind.

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and we are still asking for electricity.

keep asking.. actually we love to ask.. on one wants to do something.. "1st step is necessary for the a thousands mile journey" who will take 1st step :-S

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Please keep the idiotic comments to a minimum and don’t derail the thread with such useless input.


i agree with u !


Well.. till today after third orbit raising manoeuvre, the space craft reached at a distance of 164,600 Km from earth. While Moon is at 384,000 Km from earth.

Means it requires more engine thrusts to get there.

well its not just this that India is excelling in, India is working on different things as well like IT. china and india are taking over the market. Its time for pakistan to move forward and work on different sectors now!


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