India launches cheapest tablet

India, that markets even #$%# very gracefully has managed to grab news headlines again for launching the cheapest tablet. Sometime last year, it showed the prototype and made claims of being able to produce a tablet for $35.

Well thats just the government-subsidized price. The tablet, Akash will retail for $60. Its meant for the rural and poor but I dont see much benefit that a delicate and first-release tablet might have on the rural students compared to a more stable P3 or P4 desktop.

In my opinion, this is another money scandal in the making more than helping the rural.

Anyways, here are some specs:

Android OS

377 MHz processor (what?)

7" screen

no camera

2 USB slots, 1 SD reader (not bad!)

Original news article with full specs & pics

Not bad, I believe a much enclosed OS like meego or any other linux based Os would have been better than Android. If i were to create a cheap tablet it would be like the amazons kindle. Eink display and long lasting battery would be my priority.

is it available in pakistan ??

we would definitly buy it if it is!

Nice Mini But Great