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Pakistan, October 31, 2010- Are you thrilled to know that you can make a lot of money with

Admedia? The site is created by the owners of Pakistan’s first search engine. This is one of the

major reasons for you to believe that you can expect a good package in monetary terms. Get on for making money and come across various lucrative options.

Admedia is a single platform for advertisers and publishers. It is able to offer its wide range

of services to people who are in search of potential traffic. The services for publishers and

advertisers are as mentioned below:

Advertiser- Admedia is capable of getting the potential customers to the site from

various parts of the country. With the help of contextual marketing techniques, the traffic

is generated keeping in view the content of the site. Admedia assures its clients that

the traffic will consist of quality people who will make difference to the business and the

traffic on the site will be elevated. The web owner will be able to recover his expenses

in shorter span of time. If this is what you have been looking for, you must signup at

Publishers- For those people, who are in search of a program which lets them post their

ads make expose them in a better way, Admedia has offered a unique platform online.

The web owners of the country get an opportunity to place their ads on the site which will

be made visible to thousands of people online. With the help of a unique 65% revenue

sharing program, it is possible to make a lot of money. This is the best way to make

money faster than even before. So, what are you waiting for? Get and create

a new publisher account today.

Apart from these opportunities, if they have been catering people and these people are already

getting the benefits from them, they can get their websites listed under published sites. This will

help other people get the information about their skills, expertise and knowledge.

This is aimed to serve people in Pakistan who belong to Advertising world. There will be a lot of

opportunities for growth in coming times. With the launch of this site, the company has assured

people about the existence in advertising market in long-run

If you still have any doubt about the services and what Admedia can offer you, you must log on

to and get the information about them in detail. You may be an advertiser, looking

for prospective customers or you may be a publisher, for publishing the ads and displaying to

millions of people, you will be able to get enough details about these services on the site.

For detailed information and know more about this company and its services, it is highly

recommended that you must create an account on the site depending upon who you are.

Advertises and publishers accounts are different based on the functionalities.

What are the minimum site requirements for this. If anyone using it..plz share your experience here.

Your site must not supply any type of Copyright Material.

Then you can join.

You can ask me all of the questions.

Thanks Muqti. Can u plz tell me some websites where your ads are running right now. I want to see what kind of advertisers are on your network also the look and feel of ads.

Also plz tell me that does it support PPC or CPM ads or both?


We have 3 Brand Publishers at the moment and we have received over 100+ Applications which we are reviewing. ( Is Pakistan's first dedicated Search engine, which will show TEXT ads based on keywords). Ads Not Published Yet. (Pakistan Sports Magazine, We are displaying ads on the site) (This is not our network site we are under contact with them to publish our ads and they are probably successful)

There are many other Mega Pakistan Websites we are under contact with the owners, Though we cannot disclose as its not yet confirmed. Plus Two more of our Network Sites.

Our System only Supports PPC.


These stupids even don' t know that paypal does not work in Pakistan. In pr they are saying, "we are paying publishers 65% and on their website 60%". First decide how much are you willing to share.

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These stupids even don’ t know that paypal does not work in Pakistan. In pr they are saying, “we are paying publishers 65% and on their website 60%”. First decide how much are you willing to share.

PayPal does not work in Pakistan, But there are many Pakistani users who are using it by the help of their friends or relatives, We have a Check method too, Moneybookers, AlertPay & Liberty Reserve too.

There is some glitch which will be fixed, We share 65%.


Indeed we are sorry for the glitch, We will fix it as soon as possible, We are in contact with advertisers too, We have network of 75 Websites of our own which will be advertised on the network to kick in opportunities for publishers. You can always remain subscribed to our Facebook page!/pages/Admediapk/146312055415490 for future updates.

Thank you for showing your interest and support towards our project.

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