Inception - Whats your take on it?

I think Inception is one the best movies i have watched.. It's the complexity and plot of the movie which makes it unforgetable and great. However i still dont get hold of the ending of the movie, despite watching it thrice. Can someone explain me is Cobb still in his dream or in the real world? I seriously have no 'idea'.

And for those who still havent watched Inception i reckon you must watch it and do not read this thread as it may contain SPOILERS.

The ending is real world:

The Totem topples in the end.

Cobb's wedding ring is not there, it appears only inside a dream.

Toys Cobb gave to his father in Paris are there on table, means his father flew from Paris to LA.

Kids shoes are different from his imagination.


Extracts form Yahoo answers:

1- If we listen carefully after the black out [not after the credits], there's a SOUND of the Totem WOBBLING n FALL. (Dileep Rao [Yusuf] interview:

"You know what, I'll just say this: Use your ears not your eyes.")

2- The kids are wearing similar outfits to the ones he remembers [in his dreams], but their SHOES are different. In dreams they're wearing BLACK shoes, at the end Philippa wears PINK canvas shoes & James wears WHITE sport shoes.

Philippa wears a DIFFERENT PINK DRESS, sleeveless with an INNER WHITE SHIRT. In dreams she wears 1 piece of short-sleeves pink dress.

JAMES wears bluish-color shirt with thinner lines. In dreams he wears redish-color shirt with wider lines.

3- Dream time is longer than actual time (even longer as they go deeper into the dream, and much longer in Limbo). No reference about exactly HOW LONG Cobb has been away!

He's not in a dream state the totem wobbles in the end.

Also I to say Kudos to Mr.Nolan, for making movies a great experience for us viewers, even though the cast was very different from the ones you made previously (Except for Micheal Cane).

I remember (and I believe) I was the first on WP, who posted about the fact that I was waiting for the film to get release and watch.

I just got no time to post after when I watched the film, nor I got the time right now. but simply I would say that I liked the movie very much.

the concept, the direction, the performance, the screen play... every thing was awesome.

However the story was not to believe but.... it's what movies are about. Movies really don't mean to be real all the time...

I mentioned this clause because I found many people disliked the movie only due to the crap and nonsense story... which I believe wasn't.

Any ways... I also don't remember exactly the story now. just washed out from my brain. but I remember what was the concept... I also remember the fact in it leaving you with different thoughts in your mind at the end.

I was having a mind that it was just a wobbling totem, after all it was the major object in movie.. they just showed it up at the end.... and there wasn't a dream any more...

I could have rated the movie 9/10 (no matter what was the ending scene about... the film was quite nice IMO).

PS. I also hope the same expectations from the TRON: LEGACY releasing soon.

Oh rite, besides this is coincidential that the kids are wearing the same clothes after cobb last saw them months before :D.. I think they made the ending so ambigious just to get a start-up storyline for the sequal.

and KA I think movies are made to be unrealistic, thats why they are interesting to watch. I'm also looking forward to watch tron.. but probably next year wen they have the masterprint in store :)

I found it a bit weird that in Saito's Limbo, he had projections (guards) there, where as in Cobb's Limbo there weren't any

The first hour of the movie was an absolute DRAGGG! although the second somewhat made up for it. He was in the real world at the end. 8/10 from me.

PS This is not the greatest Sci-Fi movie of all times. The Matrix retains the crown in my opinion!

Inception is the best movie of its kind and probably one of the best hollywood has ever produced. It just pushes your mind to the limits seriously. Ending was the best as it leaves mystery behind which makes it even more interesting and watch it again and again that in case if i missed something. Leo and others fitted the role perfectly and made justice to such a nice story and filmmaking. After departed its my second favourite of all time.

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I found it a bit weird that in Saito’s Limbo, he had projections (guards) there, where as in Cobb’s Limbo there weren’t any

Saito is a rich man, so he is always surrounded by guards, as we can also see in the Dual Layer dream in the beginning of the movie, so the guards in the Limbo are just self defense projections!

The basic idea (influencing people through their dreams) is the same at the core. Anyway, the fact that it isn't 100% original doesn't diminish it at all, it's a tremendous movie IMO.

Okay just watched it one more time, The Kids clothes in the End are entirely different! Which means ending is real world. BTW it really doesn't matter if its real or not - as Cobb is with the kids again :P

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Okay just watched it one more time, The Kids clothes in the End are entirely different! Which means ending is real world. BTW it really doesn’t matter if its real or not - as Cobb is with the kids again :P

No but we want cobb to be in the real world, if he wnted his kids with him in the dream he cud have opted to stay with his wife

Hey, Just thought, when Cobb returns after seeing James house on cliff, can't he check the totem then? :P

Food for thought!

^ He stopped caring about if they were real or not..he just wanted to be with his kids

What i think about Inception is that this movie is very interesting at the start but gets boring in the middle when viewer starts getting idea what is happening and thinks that this movie will be also the same as other bang bangs kill kill type of thing. But then regains interest at the end.

And the most interesting thing is the Totem, which is the real thing which attracts the viewer to think about it.

After watching this movie it left me couple of minutes thinking how things occur and are we in real world or not? :P

IMHO this movie is above average.

I just finished watching Inception. Great movie. 9/10. 1 mark being cut off for its duration. The scenes in the snow are a total drag. I am used to watching Hollywood movies of less than two hours so it was bit long for me. But an amazing movie nevertheless! Its one of those of movies that you can watch more than once just to understand the story. But Matrix is still 10/10 for me.