In Wi-tribe Additional 5 GB for Rs.99/-

In Wi-tribe Additional 5 GB for Rs.99/- on All Packages.

Whats your point?

I think he is asking that can we buy extra 5GB for Rs.99/- on Wi-tribe.

This offer for those who can utilize monthly data usage limit first

He's advertising Wi-Tribe's new additional data usage policy or something. I check Wi-Tribe's site and couldn't find anything on additional data usage, if this is correct, this is probably the first and only sane additional data usage fee. Telenor had it at Rs.500/GB. Most have it around Rs.100-200/GB.

I think he is referring to this new offer by Wi-Tribe:



Ye i got one today as my 5 gb limit usualy ends at the end but his time i installed win7 thts y i used lots of Gb's in downloading new programs..

its a great offer i think.. im still confused tht wen i get new GB's next month will all these ive bought cancel out?

the GBs u have bought have 30 days validity from the date u purchased.