In which cities of Evo Nitro Is available

Ptcl website is silent about the cities covering Evo nitro.Only karachi Lahore and rawalpindi Islamabad are on site.In this forum one use from faisalabad has posted its performance in Faisalabad.Any one tell the names of new cities of it coverage.Please do not write the cites of Evo3.1

even in Rawalpindi it doesn't have full coverage i.e the area where i live is down area according to pee t cl so i cant avail that service. :(

Launched in Gujranwala, Hyderabad , Multan as well.

It will be official when the company successfully launched in the targeted cities.

Company sucks big time.. they will when they will be free from sucking the last drop of blood from its cutomers.Its a gupshup for them to come up with different things.Evo 3.1 for example works on two what is the need for it..don't tell me about Army frequencies etc... Don't it interfer them in pindi,karachi,islamabad etc etc --but why abbottabad and peshawar.They don't even exchange the USB for the new one... PTCL thinks that we are billionairs (zardariAIR's) to buy the new devices.They should provide the desired bandwidth for 3.1 users and then think to move on with 9.3 or whatever it is.They are already looting 3.1 users --it sometimes works as dialup connection... even warid's edge is more powerful than 3.1 evo.

COme on dude :) it happens from place to place and signal strength and bandwidth available on a specific tower.