In term of stability what is best DSL or EVO?

guys, im shifting to islamabad in a month,

im using DSL since long.

never got stability.

just curious wanna ask is EVO any stable?

as ther is no line involve in EVO connection , that would be better in term of connectivity?

Evo is expensive option for me , but will it do any good, rather then DSL line?

Get Micronet or Nayatel, depending on which one you can afford.

Evo is wireless and here in our country no wireless internet connection achieved Stability yet :(


look for worldcall or maxcom they are both excellennt.

Infact for more of us in this forum wireless connection is more stable than wired connection.

dude evo isnt stable everywhere infact evo crawls after 11 am in most areas.

For few it is :D you need to do jugggar with it ^_^

i thought if the signal strength is good, i shud get good stablity as ther eis no line involve ,

seems i must go for something else then evo now

hmm Evo users can always get a long pole and put the device on top and mount it on roof that way they should get more signals =)