In desperate need of a proxy that works fine with youtube?

1-that doesn't give you the message "you either have java script turned off or an older version of flash player" (as most of them do)

2-that if works, should show you the mature contents as well (the 1s that work properly don't show the videos which need date of birth confirmation)

3-that is not one of those sites which although work properly but don't complete the full video and stop downloading when the video is only half done

i have been searching like hell but haven't found any any help would be appreciated

p.s btw does ptcl in your area is slowing down speed of a particular server of youtube???

u can use Hotspot Shield software. its a proxy server which assigns u a VPN ip address. try finding it on google.

thanx very much but it seems that hotspot shield software is not able to connect at my end ,i mean it keeps on repeating authentication and shows vpn adress as "not set"..i wonder what the problem is ,though i hope that me having a dynamic ip address and trying to connect to a virtual private network is not the problem

i mean if i am not wrong , you gotta have a static ip adress for a vpn to work ,isn't it?

Try this:

Or/and this: