Importing Merchandise To Pakistan

Please answer my some questions:

1- Part of my job involves dealing with American clients worked sub-contracted to my firm here in Pakistan, I use lot of standard american stationary like letter size paper, 3 ring binders, manila folders, hanging files and etc which is exclusive to North America USA/Canada and its not used anywhere else in the world, if i import this to pakistan whole year worth of supply since this american standard stationary is useless in pakistan and anywhere else in the world besides north america, how would i convince the pakistani custom that the bulk quatinty i am importing is not to resell it but to use it personally, is there anyway i can get a NOC on these items?

2- Cheapest way to get anything is from USA is using UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICES but the pakistani end is taken care by PAKISTAN POST, i want to to know if some parcel arriving from USA then how Reliable PAKISTAN POST is gonna be till i get my parcel in terms of half of the stuff not getting robbed by locals here?

3- could you briefly tell me what items are customs dutiable and which are not, imean the things electronics stuff we all use in our daily life and i am not asking to import in business quantity. like calculators, if my cousin is sending me a cell phone, like small gadgets etc?

4- lets suppose if i am getting anything from DHL or UPS so from USA till it get here it is handled by DHL and UPS i mean same company, since i am suppse to get the parcel at home lets suppose if it is assessed that the item is dutiable so how i am going to deal with that?

5- if i am ordering suits and other clothing directly from USA store and they ship it to me directly at my pakistani address, so is there any duty on fine clothing 'cause at least one decent suit would not cost less than 400 dollars. and this is not i am not talking in bulk but like buying 2 suits for myself and getting it in here?

6- is there any duty of food items, i like to drink coffee so lets suppose if my cousin send me 2 or 3 kilos of nice coffee beans is there any duty on these items

ok my questions are specific to customs in pakistan, any thing you want to add would be really nice, as far as the shipping cost is concerned one could find that out easily on the website of the freight company, so i am mainly interested in learning about in dealing with pakistani custom officials, and related officials

i want to get stuff year round for personal use and not for business use.


All your questions are answered here: - The website is very comprehensive.

To answer your questions in brief, there is duty on everything, and you'll also be paying sales tax, wealth tax, advance income tax and what not.

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All your questions are answered here: - The website is very comprehensive.

To answer your questions in brief, there is duty on everything, and you’ll also be paying sales tax, wealth tax, advance income tax and what not.


thanks for the link i went there and found this link below these are pds with pages totaling 400+

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this is zillion pages long two volume, being on the web doesn’t mean you throw encyclopedia at someone this is the problem with pakistan gov sites that they are not at all public friendly, not everyone is looking for every micro detail , just want answer for everyday items what individual will bring from overseas if returning to pakistan.

who the hell wants to go through duties on tobacco leaves to color dye chemicals to bamboo sticks to zillion other industrial #$%# to find what it would cost to bring a lets say dvd player.

there should be section for general public and other for business/industrial.

there you see a gov site then you say wow they are really wired then when you see content the way it is presented its really a turn off and sucks.

1- No idea. You will need Import permission. How? NTN and GST Registration as Importer. You are better off using the supplies that are present here in Pakistan. Letter size paper I think you will be able to find locally. If not search for Stationary dealers in Pakistan, like those guys who import Double A papers. I am sure they will order and import for you if you give them a bulk quantity order. Search for Double A paper website and then look for their Distribution in Pakistan.

Or you can order little by little from USA through USPS (United States Postal Service).

2- USPS is indeed the cheapest way. I have received different weight parcels and different items in it through USPS & Pakistan Post of course here in Pakistan. None of them had a single item missing. The items varied from gifts including books, chocolates, coins to computer parts. I have recently received a 10kg parcel from USA through USPS/Pak Post. Nothing was missing. If the weight is more, it may take more days to arrive. I noticed in the past that the parcel will arrive around 12th day of it being shipped in the United States through Post. Just make sure you ask for a tracking number. They do have tracking numbers for even Priority Mail International. It will not be of much help. Except it tells you the when it was received at Post Office there in the US and when was it sent for International Dispatch. The best thing about sending by Post.

You pay no duties at all. Pak Post simply does not take any thing. Except 10 Rupees I paid for one of the parcel I remember and the latest had 200$ PC parts in it. They took 30 Rupees only. The amount was written in postal charges. lol. You simply have to trust Pak Post. There can be bad eggs yes but we have a small city here. People know each other. The post office of our area, I have known everyone from daakya to post master ever since I was a kid so I can easily trust them. They are not bad egg types. :)

3- Not all items are custom dutiable. For example Computer parts and computers. ZERO Import duty. I can't tell about cell phones or other small gadgets. You will have to check the Custom tarrif for that.

4- If you order say computer parts. They are going to charge no import duty but will take 15 % GST from you. I have received something lately through UPS and thanks to their blah system. I paid total tax at a rate of 38 %. I demanded an explanation but you know, its Pakistan. I threatened them that I will complain to their head offices in USA and Singapore but I received no answer. Few days later, when I entered tracking # of the package that I had already received. It was not coming. ERROR, which said the tracking number is wrong. Someone surely deleted it off their system, perhaps to save their a$$$e$.

I just gave up and swore that I will go illegal on next import...

Anyway, if a duty is set on the items you receive or any other tax. In big cities where they have presence. They will deliver it to your door stop and ask for payment. Giving you proper receipt etc. If you are in a city where they don't have any presence. They send it to you from their sub offices in other cities by TCS. If you have to pay duty/tax, you have to find a way to send them payment, else they don't send it to you.

5- Don't know of clothing. See tarrif.

6- Don't know of these either. You will have to see the tarrif. :)

You seem to be upset about the Tarrif document. I was able to find what I wanted to find easily in it. You just have to be patient and pay attention. Hope that helped you.





PH# 9221-2637732,2213225,2634812

FAX # 9221-2624965

These guys are Distributors/Importers of Double A paper. So give them a call and ask if they have what you require. If not then I am sure you can order through them. I will not suggest you import those from USA. Small stuff which won't weigh much you can order through USPS if some shop there will support it. Else the cost of say a bulk of stuff including paper reams will be quite heavy and will cost you a hell lot, even through a Forwarder. Since stuff is usually Imported from countries in Asia, its cheaper that way for the big players even.