Importing laptop from usa

Salaam you guys,

so well, the same story :( .. I am right about to buy this laptop and there is no one to carry it for me so I'm not left with much choice but to ship it here through USPS. I was reading this thread:

i get what was being talked there, but what I really wanted to ask is what happened to that laptop which this op guy ritzcracker786 got imported and how much he really had to pay. I hope he cud reply here and tell the final amount that the recievers had to pay.

thansk in advance.


not advised - risky transaction.

Very risky. I subscribed to discover magazine and only recieved one issue.

Use EMS, Fedex, DHL for expensive items.

in may opinion you should only use HDL

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in may opinion you should only use HDL



btw, this got me thinking, i got a device shipped from usa, it was around $200, and the shipping cost was $100 if i remember correctly, and the shipping address was of karachi. The package directly went to that house, and nothing was charged extra. Why? Cuz the cost of the product was very low? I called the fbr helpline, and they said no matter what new thing I bring in from outside there is going to be extra cost that I will have to pay to the gov. But what happened in this case of that $200 thing?

^ Probably missed out during random check.