Importance of CPU(Processor) Cache in gaming?

What is the importance of processor cache in gaming?

I want to ask that a processor with 2.8GHz and 256Cache and a Processor with 2.6 Ghz and 1MB Cache

which will play games most better?

and what is the difference between intel celeron and intel pentium 4 processors?

Only difference I come to see is of Cache

So, If cache do not play a major role in gaming performance

so, is it better to choose celeron?

The biggest performance bottleneck is the speed of memory access. With a bigger cache, it eases up this problem significantly and should make a huge difference in performance.

the more cache u have the better your games will run

the 2.6 pro will play better in gaming,,just overclock it, (do this at your own risk though)

intel celeron have their cache disabled to make them celerons which r cheaper, otherwise they are p4's,

cache plays a major part in gaming, choose one with the highest cache

celerons are budget cpu,,choose according to your budget

the days of p4 are gone, its netburst architecture is old... if u choose a new generation celeron with more cache it will be better for u

just get a core2quad or something:P

h4tEbr33d: not everyones got them deep pockets mate

which brings me to my own lil question:

compare following two processors, which is better for gaming:

- C2D E8200 2.66 Ghz 6MB CACHE 1333MHZ FSB

- C2D E7200 (stock: 2.53Ghz 1066 MHZ FSB) 3 MB cache - overclocked to around 3 or 3.2 Ghz

Considering the cache differences which should perform better IN GAMES if e8200 is stock and e7200 is OC'd

just get the C2D E8200 and overclock it to 3.2,,,

then u get the speed and the 6 mb cache

I read in some other forum that Cache is not important in gaming it is needed for multi-tasking

^^^Ya i also thought the same.Cache doesn't have that much effect in gaming then it has in multitasking.

1 MB cache is enogh for gaming now adays with 2gb RAm

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I read in some other forum that Cache is not important in gaming it is needed for multi-tasking

I don’t agree with this. Technically speaking, Cache is a used to prefetch data from RAM and this is the thing processor continuously do during a game play. The more cache you have, the more smooth your game will run. A long as your processor is over 2.4 GHZ, it will run almost every game and you wont even need to overclock it. Make sure you have atleast 256MB Video card and 1GB or above RAM.

Secondly, Never ever choose a celeron. When it comes to performance, you can compare 1.2GHZ Original with 2.4GHZ celeron and you will find both almost same or should i say when it comes to Heavy Graphics, you may even find 1.2 Original Over doing 2.4 Celeron. If you don’t believe it then go on and try for yourself.