IMDb Top 250 Movie's torrents


This thread is dedicated to IMDB top 250 movie's torrents.We will post available

torrents for IMDB top 250 movies in their respective order starting from the first

i.e The Shawshank Redemption.

The torrents would be only for DVD rips and Blu-ray/High Definition rips. If a DVD rip

or a Blu-ray rip isn't available , the next best rip wil be posted. Members are

requested not to post in this thread, any sort of query/suggestion can be posted

in the Chat thread. At a time only two members will be working on the thread , lets say

for two weeks and only their post will be allowed and no post from any other member

will be allowed. Who will be posting from when to when would be discussed in the

Chat thread. For the first two weeks me (Somil) and Fawaz will do the job, and later on whoever continues it , is requested to maintain the format in which we will be posting.

Even the poster size has to be of the similar size as we going to post.

As we know IMDB list keeps changing. So the member who is posting will go with

the current list, and when the list fnishes , i.e. the 250th torrent

posted. If there are any changes are made in the list, we can add them.

We hope it will be a useful thread.

Have you read the rules by any chance? Closing...