Imax theatre finally opening in karachi, lahore and islamabad

It was annouced on march 16th that 3 digital theatres will be opened in 2013 in Pakistan.

Apparently a deal has been struck with imax corp and a local company cine star.


your comments?

thats a front page news item :)

Nice. I'm not much of a cinema guy, but IMAX is some awesome sh!t. B)

good news but not every movie comes out on imax

Good to know.

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good news but not every movie comes out on imax


True but the ones that are are on IMAX should be a treat to watch (un like the cinepax 3D here which made my eyes hurt and head, spin)

Here's a list of IMAX movies/doc so you know what to expect when theaters are completed here in PK.

The head spinning on 3D is a common symptom - not everyone can actually watcy 3D without taking breaks.

I have yet to see a 3D film lately (when I went to the US back in '99, there were some 3D rides and clips there, and my head didn't spin... that said, I was intrigued more by the technology than the movie itself :P )

Anyone with weak eyesight probably will be cursing them right now.