Imate JAMA?

I want to ask about the experiences withthe mobile imate JAMA..I am planning to buy it in near offing!!!

its of 20000R.s..and it is my maximum range..

my priorities is that I need good window based mobile or u can say pocket pc..i am not interested in MP3 or songs related good mobiles as I have MP# player and i can listen songs on it and i am quite satisfied with it!!!!

so u can tell me about the imate JAMA or u can sugest any other!!!

why not buy nokia's symbian based e61i/e61 , nokia's e71 will also be launched on friday but its expected to be more then 20k

E SERIES are much expensive!!!!E91 i guess is of 46k.....

and obviously think about E71!!!!

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E SERIES are much expensive!!!E91 i guess is of 46k…

and obviously think about E71!!!


well true e90 is expensive but e61/e61i are within your budget , or you could buy used imate jamin, you could easily find one for Rs10-12000.

edge and wifi is missing from JAMA while jamin have both

yeah..but i want to saay that e61 is within my budget and the services it offers include 3G,WIFI,EDGE!!!

But these services are of no use as far as I am concerned!!!!

I want to experience TOUCH SCREENS!!!I like the design of mate JAMA!!!!E61 is quite large!!!

and salma,where have u seen IMAT JAMIN of 10 TO 12K...I have checked out on is of 30k!!!!

i mentioned used jamin for 10~12k

ok..i didnt read that..actually i am notinterested in used mobile as they are more liable to fault...especially in the case of toouch screens!!!!

E61 is very good option but i am fed up using symbian mobiles..i have nokia 9300 and it is series 80 symbian..and moreover many features of e61 and 9300 are similar!!!however even then e61 is a good one!!!!

have u seen any1 having imate jama??i want to ask about its display screen!!does it cause any problem!!>>?

and i want to ask that whether its display screen size is greater than nokia N73 music edition!!???

any more suggestions for WINDOWS MOBILE witin the range of 20 to 22k...TOUCHSCREEN would be the priority!!!!