If i order musical instruments from Amazon--will it deliver..?

Hi , i live in Lahore, If i order something e.g. piano keyboard from amazon--will it deliver..here ?? Please Reply, i really need to know..!!

Try to order. It wont let you finish your order :). When you select Pakistan in the shipping address, after that you will get an error saying that they cannot ship it to Pakistan.

Only books and bags and a few other basic stuff can be delivered to pakistan from amazon. They dont ship electronics.

If you want to order music equipment you can order from the following places, i've bought stuff from them in the past:






do anyone had experience......how do they deliver by courier..?? or package...?

@getafix......thanks, for this link www.guitarcenter.com , have you really buy guitars from here..?

a Piano from amazon !!!

the shipping cost will be in thousands of dollars !!

Yes i've ordered from all of those shops except for bhphotovideo. I've never had an issue with shipping. It is not the first time that they are shipping something, that it will end up broken or damaged. Besides you can always insure it or return it.

How much duty/tax did you have to pay to the customs?

Well it depends, i've mostly used my connections in customs to clear the items. If you order via USPS sometimes it gets delivered to you without any duty at all. USPS hands it over to Pakistan post, i once order a $350 mic and they delivered it without any duty.

If you order via guitarcenter they'll calculate the duty for you, so you just pay one price which will include shipping and all duties.

piano....is just the size of , double in length than a pc keyboard, i don't think that they will be broken, if these are ordered from amazon or ebay........!

@getafix did u had ever ordered from ebay ? because they offer really cheap product prices........??

No i've never ordered from ebay. What kind of piano are you looking for? A midi-keyboard or a synthesizer?

a 61 Key digital piano, not a synthesizer

and i just checked ,guitalcentre takes payment in form of credit card and not paypal.....!!

I used a Standard Chartered Visa Debit card and it worked with guitar center. Can't you get a digital piano from some local shops? Will save you the hassle of importing one yourself.