If i get a degree in pakistan, will it be acceptable in usa/canada

i plan to do mass communication bba and then mba, i am currently looking around at the universities here,,well they be accepted in the usa and/or canada, if I go there and look for a job,

from which university should i get these degrees, suggestions are welcome?

I'll be brutally honest with you. US/Canadian employers usually don't accept Pakistani qualifications. Hell they often don't accept qualifications even from European countries. Your chances of getting a job based on a Pakistani MBA are next to nil. Another reason is that BBA/MBA are relatively 'easy' (for lack of a better word...), and there are plenty of people with those kinds of qualifications running around. So unless you have a really unique and sought after skill/qualification which goes over and above a BBA and MBA, you won't be able to find a job in North America.

Your best bet is to do bachelors in Pakistan and then try to do a Masters abroad. If it is in anyway possible for you and you want to end up abroad, I would recommend you even try to do your bachelors abroad, preferably in the country you want to work in later on.

but sah there are a lot of immigrants coming into canada uk usa all the time with foreign degrees and they are able to find jobs

^ I've met engineers from East European countries driving taxis in Canada, to put things in perspective for you. The immigration system at least in Canada is seriously messed up, in that they give you immigration based on your qualification/experience in your home country, yet no one accepts those qualifications when you try to find a job. This is a serious issue and I encourage you to research the matter thoroughly if you plan to take that path.

People end up being forced to 're-educate' themselves by repeating their studies here to get the local qualification.

With my experience, what Sah has said is unfortunately 100% true. They all end up as either security guards or drivers

well there is an australian university here in pakistan, uk hudderfields univericity also,,some of these are hec recognized university....

would'nt these foreign univerities degrees be accepted in the usa canada market??

man , i knew a guy who had a bachelors in biology working as a marketing executive in the usa,,,,,but he had a green card to begin with

where should i research this please

yaar some of the universities here in Pakistan are directly affiliated with British universities. I mean my cousin is doing BBA from SZABIST karachi. SZABIST is affiliated with some college in UK, so to complete the degree they sen all there last semester students to University of Wales. So you do your last year in UOW and then you get the degree which is recognizable in Pakistan and in UK off course. So i think colleges like LUMS, IBA & SZABISt are far better then others. But you should really consider Sah's advise as he is a student abroad and as he told North Americans don't even accept guys from Europe :( and almost all top class uni and colleges in Pakistan are affiliated from European countries. That is indeed very sad.

Eastern Europe doesn't really have good education, if you ask me. Western Europe, is a different story. Infact, after 10 or 15 years, I think you'll see an incredible amount of research from countries that are affiliated with CERN as it outputs a tremendous amount of data.

However, as far as higher education is concerned, USA has some amazing Universities. But its rather unlikely they won't accept an engineer or something else from Germany or the UK.

well what about an online degrees from the usa,, any good??

your best bet is get admission in lums here... it has some respectable asian ranking.... do your bechelors from there and get an mba degree from abroad and forget that pakistan exists

the number 1 question u might want to ask yourself is, is there a shortage of more qualified,competent,aspiring business professionals where u intend to migrate to? i guess not, so except for accepting to work at lower pay i dont think u dont have much going for u unlike the tech migrants who have real skills!

so do urself a favor get into a decent local uni, IBA,LUMS,SZABIST nothing other then these and try and gain experience after ur properly done achieve something in terms of professional success then expect ull be entertained nywhere else!

and once again the top 3 business uni's of pakistan LUMS,IBA,SZABIST dont have a BBA degree with a major in mass communication (whatever that is) try going for media sciences at SZABIST or a marketing major is the closest ull come to!

SZABIST has another program too, bsc honors external degree in economics and development (for the kind of job that ends u at the UN,IMF,ADB...lecole in khi also does that)

so in other words, i will have to change my major to a field which is in demand in accordance with the country i want to get a job in...

accept for tech, what other fields are in demand in canada/usa, does anybody have any idea

^ Thats a very bad of looking at it. Choose a field based on what you like, and not just based on what is in demand. Even if you want to go for an MBA, you can try to get additional related/complementary qualifications which will increase your employability. There is demand for good people in every field. So go for something you like, and try to be one of the best in that area.

Otherwise if you just care about getting a job and money, I hear garbage men get excellent salaries here...!

A little off topic, but someone sent me this website's link a while back, http://www.notcanada.com/....dunno how accurate it it though

The Degree you hold must be from a HEC registered University. The rest is your luck.

My advise only is to trust yourself. Look in yourself and look what are you best at. And if you find it then follow it with all your heart. No matter what it is. As sah said that good people are required in every field. I would define GOOD as someone who really has the passion for that particular thing. I believe, when you seek something with all your heart in it, the whole universe conspires for you to find it.......

in pakistan try to get into lums if you can... that is the best place you can be... then simply go abroad after doing a job for a year or so for higher studies.... doing all the studies in pakistan and then looking for a job outside is not an easy thing so you might want to add studying abroad in your cv

clearly this guy's in it for the money doesnt know what to do in life but just how to earn money and frankly that wont carry him nywhere...even to earn money u need to know where from...theres money in everything tumay paisa chahyay na baita?

do actuarial sciences from karachi university and i assure u the day u graduate ull have several job opps lines up...pakistan and abroad, 6 figures in dollars outside per year, 6 figures in pakistan every month...whats stopping u!

or jus to ba graduate hojao do css and get into police or customs or the likes whats to stop u?

sah>> first of all dude, garbage men get paid crap :)

deltree>>i am into for the money as everybody is, i have a family to take care of and i make no excuses about it and i have to provide for them so yeah

and you bet i want money....if you dont want money then thats upto you

will look into your suggestions about actuarial sciences....

as to the police and customs,,,i want money but not the haram kind....i dont want my family to eat haram

try to give your suggestions without the attitude, and dont make assumptions about anybody else,

if you cannot... please dont post on this thread,,thank you

h4tEbr33d>>thnks will look into that

Self.Assassinator>>great suggestion man,,,,

^ Garbage men here get a fair bit since its an undesirable job!