IDM help

Hello Buddies

I recently started to use IDM just to check if it is good or not but what i am looking is to know average download speed but it only shows the variable speeds so can i know the avg speed in IDM or should i continue to use flashget ? Also if it has any advantages over flashget or any other download manager.

There are absolutely no advantages of any download manager other then you can resume your downloads and pause them.

They split up they file into small pieces and downloads them at a time. For example IDM splits a file into 8 parts so you are downloading 8 files at a time and you suffer variable speed. On the other hand if you download the file as single file ( not using any download manager ) You will get a stable average speed rather then variable speed.

If you are on DSL quit using IDM or any other download manager. You will get a stable and neat speed :)

Ok bye bye IDM