Id card lost

my id card is misplaced and i dont even know the number of my id card. what is the solution of this problem?

For up to date information you should call the NADRA helpline (111-786-100)and explain your situation to them.
The process in my knowledge goes as follows:
1) You launch an FIR report with the Police about lost CNIC.
2) You take a copy of the FIR to NADRA office. They block your old CNIC and issue you a new one.
I've heard of people skipping the FIR, but you should ask the NADRA helpline to be sure.
For both of these you NEED your id-card number. Search your documents since you might have a photocopy lying around somewhere. B-forms have id card numbers as well if you have one, most legal documents (driving license, nikah nama, vehicle registry, property documents, sale\rent agreements etc.) mention id numbers, schools\employers usually keep a copy of your id as well. If you have any cell numbers in your name send 'MNP' via sms to 667 to get your id card number.
If all else fails NADRA may help you. NADRA supposedly has biometric matching and name search technologies, but I believe they don't use it in such situations. If your parents have computerised id NADRA can usually track you via their numbers. Otherwise there is a smaller chace of tracking your id via your siblings' id numbers (I've seen it fail). Your last chance would be a talk with some high up official or legal proceedings (court order where a judge declares you a citizen etc.)

FIR is must in your local area police station, you situation is one in a million because everyone has at least one photocopy laying around somwhere which they used for something or at least remember their CNIC number.

btw also try to take your mother or father cnic with you because they can try to identify you by family number.

Your father's or mother's CNIC will also help in this regards (It has KHANDAN NUMBER) and NADRA will be able to help you.

above post by hashmi1 is good enough.