Icons when file associations changed

I just changed some file type's file associations so they open with another application by default. But now when i have restored them to be opened by the default application it seems the icons of the last applications have kind of got stuck with all those files :/

Is there a way to fix this

Open Windows Explorer. Go to:

Tools > Folder Options > File Types > (Select the type/extension) > Advanced > Change Icon

Well thats not an option cause all audio, video and image files are affected.

Nero associated itself with all of them, now i have restored the old settings but the nero icon is everywhere.

I don't think you can 'undo' the icon change. You could try to use your default program to re-associate the file types. For example if you use Windows Media Player, you go into Tools>Options>File Types and click on all the extension you want to associate with WMP. That should switch the icons to the WMP defaults.

I did that, all images are handled by acdc while audio and video by media player classic. They open fine, images open with acdc when i double click and audio and video open with mpc. But the icons are still of Nero

uninstall the programs (acdc & mpc), restart, and install them again?

Moonsoftware's Shelltools comes with an icon reloader that forces windows to reload all icons or something. Try it out, it should work. :)

Note: I think you'll need to install Shell Tools because the Fresh Icons utility comes bundled with it.