iCEnhancer 2.1 for GTA IV

I just downloaded GTA IV Complete Edition and was looking for essential mods for the game. I read about iCEnhancer 2.1. So I was wondering if my specs can run the iCEnhancer 2.1 mod without lag. What do you say?

P.S. My specs are there below. My signature.

GTA IV wasn't really a great PC port. I bet it doesn't run smooth maxed out on your current setup, so then how can you expect it to run good with ultra graphics mods?

It will run probably, but don't expect great performance. That's all.

I've tried ICeEnhancer it lags alot. But the graphics mods are way too cool.

Also, is it possible to downgrade the Complete Edition, which is already updated to, to version

Okay so I downgraded to and installed iCEnhancer 2.1. The game's working fine and looks really good. Now, I'm thinking of installing Ultimate Vehicle Pack v11.

it works great ONLY if you have a strong PC, a modest one wont do good.

I have a R7250 GDDR5, Core i5 4th Gen, 8Gb Ram, 4th Gen mobo and yet i cant still play it smoothly.

better not try it.